What is Rochdale?

The Town Hall, St Chads Parish Church, The Golden Mosque, 1 Riverside House, Broadfield Park, The Co-operative Movement, The Regal Moon, The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, The Market, Yorkshire Street, Drake Street, The Charity Shops, The River, The Canal, The Tram, The Railway, The Buses, The Taxis, Gracie Fields, Lisa Stansfield, Cyril Smith, John Bright, Peter Ogden, John Ellis, Hollingworth Lake, Piethorne, Watergrove, Greenbooth, Industry, Commerce, Entertainment, Unemployment.

It is all and much more, a historical town, most certainly. A friendly town, definitely. A town in need of help, absolutely!

Many factors contribute to the wellbeing of the town. Certainly the Council have a great responsibility along with Central Government. But the greatest contributers of all are the people who live, shop, work, educate and most of all believe in Rochdale.

Rochdale has many diverse attributes, food, drink, entertainment, commerce, culture, parks, history, but it’s greatest is it’s people!

This fledgling site aims to provide a mouthpiece for the people. What did you do last night?.. Today?.. What will you do tonight?.. Tell us your hopes and dreams, tell us what you had on your pizza and where you got it from. Write your own reviews of eating, drinking and entertainment establishments. What shops do you want to see opened (or closed), which film was worth watching at the cinema, what did you watch on telly.

We have a forum with sections on food and drink, entertainment, exercise, education and general chit chat.

Talk amongst yourselves and let’s see if we can’t sort this great town out!!